Occupational Health Program-Labor Force Ready

Makovicka Physical Therapy’s Labor Force Ready Occupational Health Program has a dedicated program coordinator to ensure streamlined communication and attention to detail to help patients and companies alike to make the process easier and more efficient. We are the only company in the metro Omaha area utilizing the OccuPro program, an objective, comprehensive, and timely tool that correlates an employee’s functional abilities to the essential physical demands of their job.

Labor Force Ready Program Components:
Job Demand Analysis
Fit For Duty
Post-offer Screens
Injury Management
Functional Capacity Exams
Work Conditioning
Functional Dry Needling
Post-Offer Screening
Work Site Evaluation
Ergonomics Assessment
Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Benefits of Occupational Health Program-Labor Force Ready

Objective OccuPro software program

Coordinated and Streamlined Scheduling and Communications

Preventive Services at Worksite

Ergonomic Assessment