Functional Exercise

Flexibility and strength are very important components to leading a healthy lifestyle. Every day, we perform a wide range of movement activities, including walking, lifting, pushing, bending, turning, standing and stopping. Each of these involve motion. Our therapists develop and adapt exercises allowing you to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. They want to see improvements in strength, flexibility, and balance that enhance your everyday movements. 

Functional exercise at Makovicka Physical Therapy provides exercise variety and additional training benefits that directly transfer improvements to real-life activities such as carrying groceries, a child or grandchild, getting up safely, or even training for a run. Regardless of your fitness goals, abilities, or limitations, functional training should be a part of your exercise routine. You plan to live a long, healthy life, so start preparing your body for the journey now.

Exercise is the foundation of physical therapy and our physical therapists will create an individualized program to maximize your potential and recovery. Our professional staff provides education and training to implement a successful home program for a full recovery.

Physical therapists are movement specialists. Contact any of the Makovicka Physical Therapy clinics to learn more about our Functional Exercise program, or to speak with one of our experts.

Benefits of Functional Exercise

Decreases overall time of treatment

Faster rehabilitation/recovery

Improves chronic conditions thought to be permanent

Improves flexibility, strength and balance

Decreases likelihood of injury