Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy combines heat, buoyancy, and massage to relax your body while giving it countless benefits. Aquatic therapy is different from aquatic exercise or aquatic fitness because it is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that requires the involvement of a trained professional and is covered by many insurance providers due to the personalized nature of the treatment. 

Aquatic therapy should not be confused with adaptive aquatics, either. Adaptive aquatics is the process of teaching people with disabilities how to swim safely in the water. Aquatic therapy does not focus on teaching clients how to swim.

Aquatic therapy services are offered at three Makovicka Physical Therapy clinics: Bellevue, West Omaha/Elkhorn, and Wahoo.  The pools are located in a private room within each facility, allowing for personal one-on-one therapy. In addition, the pools have a treadmill that offers a unique rehabilitation service.

The warm immersion allows body temperature to rise, dilating blood vessels and providing a perfect environment of healing, exercise and natural resistance from the water. It can also reduce pain, improve flexibility, and get you back in the game!

Here are some frequently asked questions about aquatic therapy:

Q: Do I need to know how to swim to do aquatic therapy?

A: No. The pools are 4′ 6″ deep, and swimming is not required. 

Q: Will I be in the pool with other patients?

A: No. You will be the only patient in the pool; a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant will be in the area with you.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the session?

A: Bring a bathing suit to change into (a private changing room is available); pool shoes, if desired. 

Q: Is aquatic therapy good for rehabbing after a sports injury?

A: Absolutely! The warm water, combined with the internal treadmill is great for helping athletes return to sport. 

Q: What locations does Makovicka Physical Therapy offer aquatic therapy?

A: We have pools at our Bellevue location (Cornhusker and Fort Crook Rd), West Omaha/Elkhorn (178th & Pacific St), and in Wahoo (W. 15th and N. Locust).  

As always, our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about this or other services. Feel free to contact one of our clinic locations with a warm water pool to speak to a staff person.



Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Faster recovery time

Improve flexibility

Improve balance and coordination

Build muscle strength and endurance

Return to activity sooner