Sports Injuries

Whether you’ve injured yourself on the field or on your home court, Makovicka Physical Therapy can help. From a simple strain or sprain to post-operative rehabilitation, our expert physical therapists will create a specialized treatment program to get you back in the game in no time.

Did you know our experts can analyze and treat all sorts of injuries sustained by runners or even weight lifters? Movement screening involves analyzing a series of basic functional movements, to identify any motor control deficits or mobility deficiencies. Contact any of our clinics to learn more!

What are the most common injuries seen at the high school level?

  • • Lateral ankle sprains/ Syndesmosis sprains
    • Concussions
    • General muscle strains
    • Muscle contusions
    • Chronic injuries

What are the common reasons for the injuries?

  • • Ankle instability
    • Improper use of equipment (not wearing an ankle brace properly, not tying their shoes)
    • Nature of the sport (concussions, sprains/strains, contusions)
    • Lack of structural development and poor mechanics
    • Non-compliance (not coming in for treatments when asked to, not wearing equipment properly (or at all), not following the instruction of clinician, or lack of support from outside entities such as parents or family members)

How can physical therapy help?

  • Physical therapy is an excellent tool to use for injuries that require long-term care (Grade II-III Sprains, ACL reconstructions, Meniscectomy, Labral Repair, Rotator Cuff repair, etc.).
  • Many physical therapists will send a prescription of exercises to the athlete. Physical therapy is an excellent tool to help accelerate the process of returning to normal function
    and sport-specific activity. In addition, they have equipment that a typical high school will not have available, like a Vectra, BFR, or Traction table.

Benefits of Sports Injuries

Decreases overall time of treatment

Faster rehabilitation/recovery

Improves chronic conditions thought to be permanent

Return to activity sooner

Build muscle and strength