Tracking Your Activity With a Fitness Tracker

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Your body is made to move. There are over 300 joints in a human body that gives you the ability to twist, turn, and bend in multiple directions. If you are looking to get all those joints moving, digital fitness trackers are a great way to get you motivated.

Digital fitness trackers are quickly gaining popularity among young and old, sedentary individuals to extremely active individuals. These trackers come in a variety of wearable styles such as wristbands, watches, and pendants as well as versions that can clip onto clothing or slip into your pocket. Some of the more popular brands include Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Apple Watch or Garmin Vivofit.

Benefits of a fitness tracker:

Accountability-Fitness trackers can psychologically encourage you to go a few more steps than the day before, fun faster than the other day, or keep your heart rate in the target zone longer.

Individual Goals-Each fitness tracker is different but all of them let you set your own goals for steps, sleep, calories burned or even water intake. If you are just getting back into an active lifestyle, set a goal of 5000 steps a day. If you are active already, make your goal 10,000 steps a day. Set a goal of getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

Motivation-Motivation can come from seeing the goals you set being met and achieved or could also come from sharing your progress on social platforms.

All in one-steps, heart, sleep-Many of the fitness trackers will not only track the steps that you take a day; they can also track your heart rate and quality of sleep. Some will even have fitness tips, fitness programs, will tell you when to go to sleep or wake up, or even give you a gentle reminder to stand up and walk around.

Monitoring-The key thing to get out of the fitness tracker is the monitoring of your lifestyle. These devices can show you show much you are moving a day by monitoring your daily steps. If you are monitoring your sleep, it is a great way to see how long you are sleeping a night and how restful that sleep may be. Many of the fitness trackers have either an app or website that the data can be downloaded to and then analyzed to help meet your goals.

It has been shown time and time again that inactivity can lead to a number of health issues such as weight gain, onset of chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes, and can even have an impact on your personal and professional life as well. Modify your lifestyle to gain those extra steps to each day. Little changes can make a huge impact in your overall health.

• take the stairs instead of the elevator at work
• park toward to back of the parking lot at the grocery store or shopping mall
• go around one more block when walking Fido
• work in the garden, rake the leaves or use a walking lawn mover instead of the riding lawn mower
• at work, walk down the hall to talk to a coworker instead of calling them
• at lunch or during break time, take a quick walk around the building

The Makovicka Difference
Each of our clinics has board certified specialists on staff. This means you receive the highest level of care that will maximize your recovery to get you back in your game whatever it may be. Our dedicated therapists take the time to get to know the patients. They will listen, evaluate your symptoms and create a physical therapy program to meet your needs.