WOWT-6 News Story- Prevent Injuries When Returning to Sport or Gym

Lauren and Marcus-WOWt Story

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Two physical therapists at Makovicka Physical Therapy’s Midtown location say it’s extremely important for anyone returning to sports or the gym to take it slow and regain flexibility before going 100 percent.  Marcus Palimenio and Lauren Watson both suggest specific warm-ups and cool-downs help prevent injuries like shin-splints or knee and hip pain.

“When you’ve had a period of more rest and less of that high-intensity workout regimen, you need to very gradually return to that cause that’s probably one of the biggest risk factors for having an injury,” Watson said.

They suggest using a dynamic warm-up versus static stretches on specific muscles. A dynamic warm-up includes things like walking lunges and side shuffles. It helps get the blood flowing, increase flexibility, and includes movements similar to whatever sport or training regimen you’re doing. The cool-down is just as important. They suggest using a foam roller to help repair muscles faster.

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