What Our Patients Have to Say
December 2, 2016

Janet Lura was referred to physical therapy following a car accident that left her with a broken collarbone and frozen shoulder. After a negative experience trying to schedule an appointment over the phone at a different clinic, Janet decided to call Makovicka Physical Therapy on North 90th St., a clinic that she drives past daily. She was met with a friendly receptionist who quickly scheduled her appointment for the next day.

Everyone at Makovicka Physical Therapy, from the front desk receptionist to technicians to therapists, is committed to providing a friendly experience with the goal of getting our patients back on their feet and feeling good again.

Janet recently finished her therapy and shared this with us:

“I recently graduated from physical therapy after several months of therapy. I cannot say enough good things about Scott Edwards and the rest of the staff at Makovicka Physical Therapy. The clinic is small enough that I never felt intimidated. The environment is warm and laid back, and everyone on staff knew my name. I appreciated that Scott genuinely tried to understand my injury and how to help me.

I travel a lot for my job and I was concerned how this would affect my therapy. Scott showed me exercises that I could do in my hotel room using a doorway, a towel and the bed. At my last appointment, I was given a list of exercises to do at home to ensure that my success continued. I appreciated Scott’s efforts to go above and beyond in these ways.

I was so nervous about starting physical therapy, but Scott and the rest of the staff immediately put me at ease. I never imagined that I would be upset to complete physical therapy, but I was very sad to say good-bye to everyone at the clinic. I am pain-free now and feeling back to normal, and I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to the staff at Makovicka Physical Therapy. Thank you!”


Thanks Janet – it was our pleasure helping you get back to normal!

The Makovicka Difference

Each of our clinics have board certified specialists on staff. This means you receive the highest level of care that will maximize your recovery, and get you back to your game. Our dedicated therapists will take the time to get to know you. We will listen, evaluate your symptoms and create a personalized physical therapy program to meet your needs. Together, we will improve your function, strength, and mobility.

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When it comes to feeling better, there is no time like the present. Our expert therapists will help create a customized program of strengthening exercises and therapies to help you get you back in the game. Let us help you become one of the many Makovicka success stories.

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