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October 7, 2016

Betts came to us after an unsuccessful shoulder surgery and we were happy to support her through a second surgery and recovery. She shared this with us:

“First off I have to say that Colleen has been a mainstay in my recoveries from two shoulder surgeries. She has supported since February 2016 when my first surgery was deemed unsuccessful.

 I just moved to Omaha a year ago and did not know any doctors or surgeons in the area.  I turned to Colleen for help as I did not know any other people, besides my daughter, for help in finding a surgeon for my second surgery. She and her team of colleagues compiled a list of orthopedic surgeons that they had dealt with, and from this list I began interviews and came upon a surgeon whom I was very pleased with. 

 After the second surgery Colleen kept me grounded and yet hopeful that recovery would come, perhaps not as fast as I expected. I appreciated her honesty and her support.  She was very observant of other issues going on, one in particular with my shoulder blade.  She really has an amazing talent to see inside my skin and know what is going on…good and not so good!  She was always professional but also supportive as a friend might be…yet still remaining my physical therapist.  I hope you value her expertise as much as I did and still do.

 Everyone at your 90th street facility was always warm, welcoming and helpful.  They are a good team and work together…that is a plus!

 Now I am left to finish up the last of my strengthening exercises and was sent from graduation with a very thorough list of 10 exercises to do to keep building up the muscles around my shoulder joint.  I have no doubt at my 6 month check-up in December that I will please and maybe even amaze my surgeon at my complete recovery…all in thanks to Colleen.

 I would highly recommend your location to anyone looking for great physical therapy.”


We are so happy you are feeling better Betts!



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